The Work Within

Carl E. Carey, Ph.D.


About the book

We all have work to do. Regardless of the challenges you are facing, I want you to know that your life can be transformed by the undeniable truths in the Word of God. Your Bible, coupled with The Work Within, will take you on a personal adventure to self-enlightenment and empowerment. Your new perspective on life lives inside of you. You just have to do the work it takes to tap into it.

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About the Author
Carl E. Carey, Jr., is a Bible teacher, college professor and sports agent who resides in Houston, Texas. He is an active member of the non-denominational, Church of Christ. Dr. Carey has a passion for helping others to realize their potential and navigate their life challenges. He is the founder and editor of, a website he created to share Bible studies with believers across the world. Carl believes that a deeper connection to God and His Word is the answer we all need. He has the joy of being surrounded by a village of supporters which include his two daughters, and a host of relatives, church members, and friends. To contact the author of The Work Within with questions, comments, requests and inquiries, you may email him at: